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How does it work?

PAWSM Nutrient Calculator is a complex construct and explaining everything would be quite hard, but here is a short attempt of making its inner workings clearer…

There are a lot of intricacies in the functioning of PAWSM Nutrient Calculator, but at its core it balances dog’s energy consumption (activity) and dog’s nutrient needs (protein, fats, fiber).

There are different types of activity that use different amounts of energy. Simply breathing and doing nothing in particular expends energy; this is usually referred to as “resting energy requirement”. That is one part of the equation.

Now imagine yourself walking and then running. Think of the difference in movement and which muscles were used. All of that affects how much energy is used during an activity; in humans and in dogs.

PAWSM Nutrient Calculator takes activity input and converts it into energy and nutrient needs, while taking into account the desired result (staying in shape, losing or gaining weight). Needs are then compared to your chosen dog food’s guaranteed nutrient analysis and appropriate amount of food is calculated.

There are other factors and details that are relevant to the calculations, such as dog’s breed, age, sex and current weight and if one is an expert in dogs and mathematics it’s quite possible to do it on your own. But why complicate, when PAWSM App makes it easy?

Stay Pawsm, be awesome! 
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