Pawsm mobile app loading screen
Welcome to the PAWSM app. This app is intended for all dog owners who wish to track and monitor the daily activity and optimal feeding of our four legged companions. This enables a longer, healthier and better life for your dog.
Pawsm app screen signin
New users who are not yet registered should start their sign up procedure with the SIGN UP button. If you already have an account and are a registered user use the SIGN IN button. Should you sign out of the app, you can reenter the app through the SIGN IN button using your username and password.
Pawsm mobile app signing options
The registration of a user is quick and easy. You can register via an e-mail – you will need to confirm the registration, or you can register via Google, Facebook or Apple account.
Pawsm app image screen
It’s always nice to have a picture… You can select an image f rom your phone’s gallery or create a photo, which will be shown on your dog’s profile.
Pawsm app dog size screen
Every good dog needs a name. Enter your dog’s name here.
Enter your dog’s breed in the dominant breed window and click on it to confirm. If your dog is a mixed breed pick the dominant breed in the dominant breed window and the less pronounced breed in the secondary breed window.
Pawsm app screen dog birth
Enter your dog’s date and year of birth, so that you never forget to give him a present.
Pawsm app screen weight and height
Weight and height of a dog are of crucial importance for later calculations of activity and feeding, therefore it is crucial to give precise information of your dog’s weight and height.
Pawsm app screen gender
Your dog’s sex/gender and condition are also very important in calculating the correct numbers when calculating activity and feeding. Please enter your dog’s sex/gender and condition correctly.
Pawsm app screen body condition score
You can re-check all the data you en-tered in the previous steps. If you see any inaccurate data please go back and correct the mistake. If all data is correct press CONTINUE to continue the registration procedure.
Pawsm app screen animal food
Even dogs can be picky. In this step you can pick a food in our database using the name or attribute search . If you can’t find your dog’s preferred food in our database, you can add one to your list by pressing the button ADD and entering your food’s data. In the event that you don’t have the preferred food’s data available at this moment, then for now simply pick any food f rom our database and you can enter the food’s data later. Warning: if the food you picked is not the same food that you use to feed your dog, there will be an error in the food estimates.
pawsm app screen food info
By confirming the chosen food with the ADD TO YOUR FOOD button you finish the registration proce-dure and enter the main screen of the PAWSM APP.