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Finally! You can now download our PAWSM free dog nutrition and diet app. We hope it helps you ease the job of providing your dogs with a healthy diet so they live better and longer. 

PAWSM is a free mobile app that brings expert-level dog nutrition to everyone. It focuses on a dog’s health by careful monitoring of the dog diet and exercise. Established veterinarian formulas, user input, and an extensive dog food database form the backbone of the app’s dog nutrition calculator.

Find a better use of the free time left from manual calculations and worrying. How about some cuddles instead?


PAWSM is a free dog nutrition mobile app that helps those who know their dog’s diet and can calculate their precise dietary needs, by using a nutrition calculator and removing the need to manually calculate everything; as well as those who want to do good by their dog and take care of their health, but don’t have the time to study several shelves worth of books.


  • Nutrition calculator
  • Exercise tracker
  • Dog food database
  • Water tracker
  • Treats tracker
  • Dog diet journal
  • Event list 
  • Multiple dog profile 


Every dog food has its instructions but none of them are specifically tailored to your dog. In a way, this nutrition app (or we can even say dog food app) is a glorified nutrition calculator that takes the ingredients of the chosen dog food, your dog’s data (breed, sex, weight, age, height, etc.), and the dog’s exercise activity, and crunches the numbers in accordance with the established veterinarian formulas. The result shows you the best dog diet, by offering the optimal amount of food your dog needs per each meal in a day.


Your dog’s exercise, or any physical activity truly, plays an important role in the nutrition calculator and the amount of food your dog needs to consume in a day as each dog exercise burns a different number of calories. We have made it so you can choose a type of dog exercise (walking, running, or playing) when it occurred, and how long it lasted.


For the nutrition calculator to work, we had to build a database of the ingredients contained in each dog food. Because every single food producer lists the data differently, we couldn’t use a web scraper so the only way to do it, was to take each and every food and manually input the data. Since that took a lot of time and effort, we decided to make something good out of it and made the database searchable. We added nice things such as range search, where you can look for certain ratios of ingredients. That helps you find food for special diets that might otherwise prove to be quite difficult to find. The database is being updated regularly (you can even add new non-listed products yourself).


Keeping your dog hydrated is very important, so we’ve added a tracker where you can input the amount of water your dog has consumed in a day. As good dogs, they also deserve some treats! You can choose the type and amount of treats they consume in a day. Tracking them is also important as they can contribute to excess weight gain.


The nutrition app offers you pop-up notifications (it will notify you if there were too many treats influencing your dog’s health and offer encouragement when adding your dog’s exercise, meals and water consumption).


To ensure your dog’s health keeps being taken care of in the long run and monitor their progress (and see some cool stats for those who love numbers and graphs), we’ve also added a Dog Exercise and Dog Diet Journals, where you can see weekly, monthly and yearly activities and meal charts.


Keep track of the important future events (vet appointments, vaccination dates, etc.) by adding them to the event list.


If you have more than one dog, you can also create multiple dog profiles. For each dog you can also set multiple guardians, so everyone can contribute their share, see their progress, and contribute to their dog’s health. The more the merrier!

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