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Hello! We are so happy to see you’re curious about us. Wanna know how it all started? Don’t be shy – come and sit with us. Have some tea and cookies. So, once upon a time… (too much? Yeah, sorry. We’ll just get to the point now).

We are a simple group of people that absolutely love dogs! We adore our furry companions and we want them to be healthy, active, and with us for as long as possible! Our passion made us wonder how to best achieve that. After pondering about it for quite a while (even brainstorming some very interesting – and some not so interesting – ideas) we narrowed it down to searching for tools, that would provide the knowledge needed to keep them healthy and use the remaining time for better things (cuddles, maybe?). We’ve found some stuff that could help, but in the end, it did not meet the criteria. We decided to let the topic simmer for a while and it turned out to be the perfect course of action.

The idea crystallized when one day the veterinarian said: “Your dog’s breed likes to overeat; if you want him to be healthy, you’ll need to watch, how much he eats”. That is when the realization of responsibility struck; the realization that feeding a dog is similar to feeding a small child. The difference being, that while there is plenty of information on a human diet, the proper diet for dogs is a mystery to many. Not long after, we thought – if there are no exact tools we need, why not make one ourselves? And the rest is history. Well, sort of.

After coming up with the basic idea behind it, detailing our plan of action, looking up market analyses, even arguing out the visuals, in 2019, we created a new startup company. We named it PAWSM (because that sounds… awesome… get it? *wink wink, nudge nudge*). We applied for some help with funding and started building the PAWSM app. Within a year, on the 6th of October 2020, we finally launched the app (Covid kept us back a bit, but we kept on working – though with less face to face contact)!

We are moving forward with even more energy and more ideas. We have already started designing a special product – a Smart Bowl that will make the app even more useful while saving you time. And it doesn’t stop there. We promise even more products and tools for our sweet pooches.

Be awesome, stay PAWSM!